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Pricing Policy

Pricing of products (total price, currency) may depend on additional conditions impacting the total cost for the user, for example auction pricing, membership fees, contract, payment schemes, additional purchase requirement, creating additional undisclosed payment obligations during payment processing. See the feed specification attributes on availability, price, tax and delivery for specific guidelines to comply with this policy

Return Policy

COMPETITORS EDGE’S Sporting Apparel offer a 30-day return policy on most products.

  • Returns with an original sales receipt or pack slip will receive a refund based on the initial form of payment.
  • Returns without an original sales receipt or pack slip must be returned using a valid ID and will receive a store credit for the lowest selling price. Information from the ID will be held in a companywide database of customer return activity. For items excluded from return, the manufacturer’s contact information may be provided upon request.
  • Returns with a gift receipt will be offered a gift card or even exchange.
  • Returns where a ScoreCard Reward or coupon was redeemed will result in an adjusted refund amount.
  • Items requiring repairs should be returned to the manufacturer or an authorized service center
  • The following identification is accepted for returns: US or Canadian Driver’s License, U.S. State ID, U.S. Military ID or U.S. Passport.
  • COMPETITORS EDGE’S Sporting Apparel, reserve the right to limit returns or exchanges regardless of receipt.

We are committed to the accuracy of our scanner pricing system. If a customer is charged a higher price at point of sale for an item that is advertised by us, or displayed in store at a lower price, the lower price will be honored.

Product Exclusions & Restrictions

  • The following items cannot be returned: Firearms, Ammunition, Hunt Bows, Crossbows, Black Powder Rifles/Muzzleloaders, Gun Powders (black powder, smokeless black powder and reloading powder), Primers, Outboard Motors, Gas Powered Go-Karts, Gas Powered Mini Bikes, Gas Powered Recreational Vehicles, Ice Augers, Generators or any other products requiring gasoline or fuel, Used Bikes, Airbeds, Special Order items, Autographed Collectibles and Gift Cards.
  • The following items cannot be returned if the package is opened or the factory seal is broken: Baseball Bats, Electronic Scooters and Bikes, Apple and Beats Products
  • Pre-owned golf clubs and demo clubs may be exchanged in the same condition as they were sold within seven (7) days of purchase with original sales receipt. All exchanges are subject to approval.
  • Electronics must be returned in the original packaging and with all accompanying manuals, parts and accessories.
  • Certain returns will be handled under the manufacturer’s warranty or return policy.
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